Winning for wildlife: news from our clients


One of our newer clients, World Animal Protection, is currently running a super smart campaign aimed at Instagram.

The campaign is all about “wildlife selfies” or pictures tourists take, at the urging of the wildlife tour operator, of them with animals that they think are wild, but are really living captive lives in horrifically cruel conditions.

As the one of the largest photo-sharing social channels, they have identified Instagram as key to helping drive change of this behaviour, and are asking them to prohibit/block/discourage images that rely on and promote animal cruelty. And they are asking social media users to speak out in defence of these animals.

Story Stiles helped World Animal Protection tell the story, taking their research and crafting a campaign report that went on to garner them an exclusive in National Geographic.

Since then, the World Animal Protection team has had productive talks with Instagram and are hopeful that there will be good results for wildlife.

We’re proud to support the work of World Animal Protection.

And we love working at the nexus of campaigns and communications to help our clients tell powerful stories, and make good things happen.


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