The role of lobbying in social change

Source: Timorose

Lobbying. The word that describes talking about your issues with government decision-makers. This word is often equated with scandal and bad judgment by governments and practitioners alike. But lobbying can have tremendous value for organizations who are seeking social or environmental change. So if it means you’ll keep reading, let’s call it public affairs or […]

Making your message sing…

Marsh Wren, Hill Road Marsh, Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, California

  I worked for many years for a union of performers. Voice performers. Video game performers. Film and television performers. Stunt performers. Actors. Spending time with professional performers taught me a lot (and not just how to project). They are listeners, observers of life. And they are also professionals who know how to rehearse and […]

Karate Lessons

karate kids

Recently I arrived to pick up my son at his karate class a bit early. As I hung out watching the tail end of his lesson, I found myself thinking about how in martial arts small, seemingly subtle moves can be extremely powerful, when the technique is right. Which got me thinking about what my […]

Debates and the Local Candidate


I’ve been thinking a lot about debates lately. On August 6 from 8 – 10pm ET, federal party leaders will get their first kick at the can in the Maclean’s Debate, airing on Rogers stations and CPAC, where I’ll be providing commentary from ‘The Left’. Whether or not Canadians abandon their BBQs to tune in […]

Simple is Powerful


I did my undergrad degree in English Literature. I couldn’t possibly tally the number of wisecracks that have been made about my limited career prospects. But I have absolutely no regrets about my academic choices. The reality is that my degree taught me how to write effectively, and most of all how to make strong, clear […]