Effective communications is kind of like an iceberg: the audience only sees a little bit of it. They see the good stuff. What they don’t see is the research, the planning, the drafting, designing and editing. But when all of this is done well, our stories can have a powerful impact.

Getting results takes hard work and skill. Story | Stiles can help you get you those results.

We can help you with any of the following:

Communications strategy development (traditional, digital and social) and execution

A key first step in any communication effort is to develop a strategy. We can help you develop and execute a plan that expands the possibilities. From helping you get news coverage on your issue to broadening your audience on social media to expanding your fundraising list base, we can help. If you’re planning an advertising or persuasion campaign on your issue, we can help make sure the message and tactics reach your audience, help you reach your goal.

Campaign strategy and planning

Campaigns can be very different depending on the context. You may want to increase public awareness of your issue, or you may want to have a law, regulation, or policy changed. Or maybe you just want to engage your own members in a conversation. Whether your goal is political, to raise awareness, or to grow your organization, we can help make sure your next campaign is a winner.

Training for public speaking and presentations

We train leaders to deliver a strong message. We can help you have success in delivering your message from the podium or in the room with decision-makers. In every case, it’s about strategy, preparation, practice, and a compelling story.

Media training and media relations

Sometimes the challenge is to get the media to pay attention, and sometimes it’s about managing a difficult situation. Whatever your context, our media relations experience can help you make the most of every interaction with the media. Our custom small group or individualized media training, delivered by experienced spokespeople, can help make sure you’re ready before you go to the microphone or step in front of a camera.

Researching, writing and editing persuasive content

We’re not just communicators, we’re policy nerds at heart. We know it’s important to get the details right. We work with clients to research and create content that helps maximize your reach and impact, whether it’s for an issue campaign, member engagement initiative, or advocacy effort. From tweets to blog posts, from briefing notes to policy manuals, and everything in between, we can help you create effective content.

Government relations

With decades of experience working for and with politicians, our team can help you navigate the systems of decision-making at the provincial and municipal levels of government. From getting a meeting to crafting the message, we can help make your interactions with key decision-makers successful.

Working together with preferred vendors and partners, we can also provide:

Public opinion research | graphic design and publications | web site development and design | list management and digital engagement tools